Temporary Message
Messages that self-destruct can enhance online communications, making people feel free to be spontaneous. For businesses, temporary messages can create a sense of excitement and an urgency for consumption or purchase.
Essential to good communication is the ability to control what is disclosed. Unfortunately, we’ve lost much of that control now that every photo, chat, or status update can be stored in the cloud. Even though we want to share information, we don’t necessarily want it to stay available forever.
So, what if people could make their posts vanish automatically—making online communication analogous to everyday, verbal conversations that aren’t recorded for posterity?
And, what if you could send a private message intended only for your colleague, and the message would vanish after she finishes reading it?
What if citizens could post messages to inform police about suspicious objects or activities, with the understanding that their message will vanish automatically?
And maybe a business could advertise temporarily during a certain times of the day, or during certain weather conditions, or just within certain zip codes?
What if the technology is already here? These are the possibilities of AcmeKit Platform, and it’s ready to be deployed.